Saturday, August 07, 2010


Alan Shadrake Video Interview Released as a National Day Gift

I release the video interview of Mr. Alan Shadrake today, which I recorded on 2nd August 2010 at the Raffles Hotel with Mr. Arthero Lim Tung Hee. This is the main part, there are a little more, which will be later released. There is also another recording made at Hong Lim Park a day BEFORE the DP Event this is not for release until a much later date.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

I hope famiLEE LEEgime will appreciate my NDP gift.

To view it better, click on each to go to YouTube.Com and view them in full screen HD.

More interesting portions of this interview is not released here, they may be released on a later date. ;)

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Local & Foreign Activists fights againt Death Penalty together at Speaker's Corner

It's been raining the whole day, but unsure yet if Singapore had flooded again today.

Under mild rain at Hong Lim Park Speakers' Corner, more than a hundred activists turned up at an even organized by The Online Citizen TOC, which is a campaign against Death Penalty, and for convict Yong Vui Kong. The even was prepared starting 1515hr, and went into full swing by about 1600hr, and completed just after 1700hr.

Mr Alan Shadrake a British writer who had been charged by the shameless famiLEE LEEgime for being critical against their judiciary was strongly welcomed by supporters.

Local political leaders including members of various political parties were at the event. Dr Chee Soon Juan, and Mr. Keneth Jayaretnam were both seen in the videos I recorded.

famiLEE LEEgime sent under-cover spies to monitor the event, which is entirely no surprising.

The event proved that it is indeed very stupid for famiLEE LEEgime to have Mr. Shadrake charged, because he got instantly famous and his book became much more popular than originally expected. The defiant author is very well strengthen and strongly supported by the public. At Hong Lim Park he got warmly welcomed and received, and I saw him so popularly motivated, so busy signing autographs, being interviewed, taking photos and videos with supporters. He indeed became much more popular than our local political party leaders, and I am absolutely not exaggerating at all.

The lame silly famiLEE LEEgime had yet again created their own enemy out of no where, and then strengthen them totally out of proportion. This is not the 1st time, and will not be the last either. :-)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


famiLEE LEEgime declared war against it own gallows' ghosts

There shouldn't be any funny about death penalty, but famiLEE LEEgime had achieved it! These clowns and made things so ironical, it can not be not funny any more!

Jul 18, 2010

UK man arrested over book

Mr Alan Shadrake's arrest comes just two days after a police report was lodged by the Media Development Authority. -- PHOTO: COURTESY OF ALAN SHADRAKE

A BRITISH national who was in Singapore to launch his book which discusses the death penalty in this country was arrested on Sunday morning.

Mr Alan Shadrake's arrest comes just two days after a police report was lodged by the Media Development Authority.

In response to queries from The Straits Times on Sunday, a police spokesman said that amongst other things, Mr Shadrake is being investigated for alleged offences of criminal defamation.

The veteran freelance journalist has also been served with an order by the Attorney-General to attend court for contempt of court, based on the contents of the book.

The Straits Times understands that the alleged offences are related to the 75-year-old's latest book titled Once A Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice In The Dock.

The 219-page book is filled with accounts of high-profile cases in Singapore involving the use of the death penalty and includes interviews with the country's former executioner Mr Darshan Singh.

There are 2 unrelated news today, but more funny if you read them together, as they all appeared together at site.


Jul 18, 2010

Photographer handcuffed

Wanbao's chief photographer Shafie Goh shows the cudd marks on his arm. -- PHOTO: WANBAO

THE flood last Saturday morning not only dampened the mood of residents who woke up surrounded by rainwater but also that of photojournalist Shafie Goh.

The 57-year-old veteran Lianhe Wanbao photojournalist was snapping shots of the flood in the Bukit Timah area when he was told by a policeman to move away. Minutes later, he was handcuffed.


Jul 17, 2010

Policies on bullying needed

Bullying has become a growing concern among educators here. A survey by the Singapore Children's Society in 2006 found one in five pupils was a bully victim in school. -- ST PHOTO: LIM SIN THAI

JUST as schools have strict policies about plagiarism, they should have the same for bullying too.

That is what experts called for on Saturday at the Bully Free Forum 2010, an event organised as part of the Bully-Free programme, which aims to promote bully awareness.

So where is the policy against bullies by famiLEE LEEgime? The arrest of photographer and authors are clearly the oppressive bullies conducted by lame bastard famiLEE LEEgime! thread

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


M Ravi succeeded in Staying Execution of Yong

Mr. M Ravi today had a success in applying for high court order to stay an execution of inmate named Yong. I believe he is yet another person convicted by famiLEE LEEgime under Mandatory Death Sentence for a small amount of drugs.

I was involved in 2 other subordinate court matters while this case as proceeding in the high court. Later after the matters activists from the Tak Boleh Tahan campaign went over to high court to show support to Mr. Ravi, however, they could not gain entry as the court room had already became full.

I went to subordinate court's registry to copy some of my appeal cases' papers, after my own cases and then when I called Mr. Ravi from there, I was informed that the Stay Execution Application was already successfully done. He was busy talking to media. Later after I had a meal I called again, and Mr. Ravi told me then that he was on his way to Changi Prison to visit that client who is pending to be executed.

Yahoo New URL

Court grants Malaysian drug runner’s application for stay of execution

Court grants Malaysian drug runner’s application for stay of execution

SINGAPORE: In what is possibly the first case of its kind, the High Court has granted a Malaysian drug runner’s application for a stay of his execution.

Yong Vui Kong, 21, was found guilty in November 2008 of trafficking 47g of heroin by Justice Choo Han Teck, who imposed the mandatory death sentence for offences involving more than 15g of heroin.

He was scheduled to be hanged on Friday.

Yong had previously made an application to appeal the sentence, but that was withdrawn before he appeared before the Court of Appeals. It is not known why he had decided to withdraw.

The ruling on Wednesday means Yong’s lawyer, Mr M Ravi, will now be given a chance to have the case heard before the Court of Appeals — the highest court in the Singapore justice system — on December 8.

On Tuesday, the lawyer made the application before Justice Woo Bih Li, arguing that until the appellant process had been exhausted, a person cannot be deprived of his life.

According to Mr Ravi, it is also now clear that the mandatory death penalty, particularly for cases not involving murder, is "contrary to international law because it is both arbitrary and cruel".

In his opinion, it is also necessary to "preserve the status quo and protect his client from execution until the full Court of Appeal has heard his application for an extension of time and full appeal on the merits".

Mr Ravi also called on Justice Woo to order "a stay of execution until the matter is heard by the full three Court of Appeal judges, as required by Section 30 of the Supreme Court Judicature Act".

Despite protests from Deputy Public Prosecutor Jaswant Singh, Justice Woo agreed that Yong should be given the fullest opportunity to have his appeal heard as he was about to be executed.

During the two—week trial in 2008, Yong, then 19 years old, had told the court that he was unaware of the contents of the packages as he drove into Singapore, and that he was merely following the instructions of his boss in Johor Bahru to deliver items to people here.

The identity of Yong’s employer, who is said to be driving a Singapore—registered car at the time of the offence, is unknown.

After the hearing, Mr Ravi told MediaCorp that he felt that the outcome was "fair" and "encouraging".

"It is important that the court carefully considers the death sentence ... the accused was at that time young and na, so this is an opportunity for people like him to be rehabilitated," the lawyer added.

— TODAY/sc

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Monday, February 13, 2006


Singapore's Blood Money

The PDF file below contians exposure of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew regime's dark secret of their collaborations with Burmese Drug Lord Low Shing Han's syndicate:'s_Blood_Money.pdf

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew regime hang small time drug paddlers for tiny amount of smugglings, essentially this put them on a falsehood of high morality against drug crimes and stage a strict law and order profile, to make belive that they are high moral and law enforcement authority. This is the worst of hypocracy because the regime collaborated deeply with Burmese drug lord, and the corrupted Burmese military junta regime and invested Rep of Singapores' state funds into investment in Burmese in connection with the druglord's blood money.

Lee Kuan Yew regime allows drug lord and his wanted son to move freely in and out of Singapore, as well as establish false frontal business to handle blood money from the Loh/Law family of criminal syndicate. This suggest strongly that money laundering take place in Singapore's banking system.

The Loh/Law family controls deep water port in Yangon Burma, in connection with the military regime there. Lee Kuan Yew regime also claimed to have invested in port of Burma. You can suspect that if drug lord could move freely in and out of Singapore, and have such close relation with Lee Kuan Yew regime, then his drug shipments via Singapore's PSA port wouldn't have much problem.

Loh Shing Han's son Steven Law married a Singaporean woman and lives in Singapore, as well as operate a deluxe office for his family business in Singapore. Singapore diplomat attended his wedding. Steven Law had been prevented to enter USA by US govt due to his illegal drug business.

Please read URLs in the above links for more information.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Anti Death Penalty Podcast [Voiced by M Ravi]

This was a part of the anti death penalty Rock Concert in 2005. Recording and digital audio effects by a young activist friend of Mr. M. Ravi, and voiced by lawyer Ravi himself. I had the copy of it's audio CD during Mr. Ravi's book launch in 2005, and had his permission to convert it to MP3 podcast. Just share this with bloggers here.

Mr. Ravi's book [Hung At Dawn] was about his clients who were executed in Changi Prisons' notorious gallows. Hung At Dawn Blog by Mr. M. Ravi is here at your mouse click.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Reply to New Paper's 6.Dec Article

I refer to Clarence Chang's Comment on The New Paper dated 6 December 2005. Mr. Chang seems adamant about making it crystal clear to the Singapore Government that he has no qualms trading his journalistic integrity for a piece of the pie.

It is of course no surprise that the local reporters propagate the views of the ruling party since their handsome salaries depend on how loudly they promulgate the government's agenda.

Mr. Chang has called Dr. Chee Soon Juan a Singapore-basher. Unfortunately Mr. Chang is one of the numerous people who have failed to see that the People's Action Party is not equal to Singapore. The people must see that the state is separate from the ruling party and that criticizing the party's policies is for the benefit of the state. It is shameless when the media misleads the people into thinking that the ruling party and leaders are fused into one entity. It is even more dire when the people do not perceive any differences between the interests of the state, ruling party and their leaders. It is indeed pitiful how deeply entrenched the Singapore government has brain-washed the people. But it is even more pathetic when Singaporeans forget their principles in order to tow the line and sing to the tune.

It is also frightening that Singaporeans should think that criticizing the PAP's policies "hurts Singapore's image". A responsible citizen is one who questions, even challenges the any law or policy that does not enhance the quality of the social and political tapestry. If a law is unjust, then it needs to be changed. And change cannot come about when you have parliamentarians who are beholden to toe the party line. Even in communist China, errant party and state officials are censured and severely penalized in order to enhance the states image and gain international confidence.

The execution of Nguyen Van Tuong had attracted much international attention to Singapore mandatory death penalty laws. A New Paper reader had written "Does Dr. Chee realize how many people have died from drug abuse?". What this reader has not understood is that Dr. Chee and those who had protested against Nguyen's hanging are not condoning the abuse or trafficking of drugs. This point has been reiterated countless times. What we are saying is that these offenders should be severely punished. But to take their lives without heeding mitigating arguments is plain murder.

Are Singaporeans so naïve as to believe to the ruling party is infallible or are we just too afraid to speak up for fear of offending the powers that be? Mr. Chang suggests that Dr. Chee "endears" himself to Singaporeans. If Dr. Chee had spin doctors, perhaps that may work. However, I suspect that Dr. Chee and his party colleagues are not in the political fray to "endear' themselves to the public. They are in it because they see gross injustice being carried out by the PAP and they at least still have a conscience that guide them to do the right thing – whether or not they are seen as "endearing".

After 40 years of national development and now touted as a first world country, Singapore still in its infancy when it comes to understanding democracy and human rights principles. This is because the ruling party has deliberately, and unfortunately, successfully deceived the citizens into thinking that we can forego our freedoms for economic benefits. Believing that a benevolent dictatorship is a good form of governance is similar to believing Santa still leaves presents under the tree at Christmas. The local media has done a huge disservice to Singaporeans by continuing to serve only the ruling party.

Mr. Clarence Chang typifies the local media. It reports selectively and subjectively, retards intellectual development and deliberately misleads the populace.


Saturday, November 26, 2005


Song / Poem from USA reader

The Long Drop
- a song for Nguyen Tuong Van

They carefully measure my weight
Then faithfully record my height
To calculate a string so straight
With which to stop my fall in flight

It is a most humane method
With a poetic sounding name
Officials call it the “Long Drop”
But in the end it’s all the same

They say my neck will snap so fast
Hardly will I feel any pain—
A “comatose asphyxia” blast
(If all metrics conform to plan)

Mother, forgive me for your grief
I never meant to cause you shame
Brother, my life – however brief
You’re not the one to take the blame

Let them who wealth and fortunes make
Upon the backs of mules like me
And them whose power to give and take
Is stained with blood which none can see

Let them who judge us by their book
Yet lie in proud hypocrisies
One day themselves be tried as crooks
Who are earth’s vilest enemies

When I am gone, please do not weep
Take up the fight where it belongs
I’ll give you all the rope you need
To set aright these onerous wrongs

My spine they’ll break from the gallows
Thusly I’ll pay my exit toll
When that sun rises tomorrow
Your love and spirit sheathe my soul

Dallas, TX
Thanksgiving Day - Nov 24, 2005

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Public Forum LIVE Audio Recording

The forum we held on 7.Nov.2005 was recorded, and this MP3 audio file is the essense of the recordings. Click on above link to download.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005



This page provides some handy URL links:

April 2005 Campign Forum Page

Amnesty International Statement April 2005

Quick Time Movie Shanmugram

Quick Time Movie Shanmugram small file

April MPG Video

Singapore Govt's Drag Connection!!!

Jacob George's Blog

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Public Forum Announcement

There will be a public forum held in Asia Hotel Singapore, on 7th Nov 2005 7-11pm, in line with the anticipated execution of Vietnamese Ausstralia prisoner Nguyen Tuong Van.

A similar forum was held previously at same Hotel for Singaporean Shamanmugam.

Hotel is booked now, so the above schedule is CONFIRMED.


* Madam Letchumi Murugesu, Mother of Shanmugam Murugesu

* Alex Au, Social Commentator, Yawning Bread

* Anthony Yeo, Clinical Director, Counseling & Care Centre

* M. Ravi Human Rights Lawyer

* Dr Chee Soon Juan, Secretary General, Singapore Democratic Party

Monday, October 31, 2005


Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign Blog Begins

The URL of this blog
signifies Rep of Singapore's notorious gallows of Changi Prison

The URL reads "Changi minus Gallow" meaning removing gallows from Changi Prison, which signifies abolishment of death penalty in Singapore.

I started this blog as a central campaign blog that supports the Anti-Dealth-Penalty Campaign groups of Singapore. My email contact is or or :-6

Bloggers and individuals interested to take part in the blog may register yourselve via or email to me for informations.

I oppose certain particular aspects of death penalty in Singapore, and I am happy to reder my support to the groups and campaign against death penalty in Singapore. Wishing success to the groups and mercy to the souls in the Changi Gallows.

k.h. yap

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