Monday, February 13, 2006


Singapore's Blood Money

The PDF file below contians exposure of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew regime's dark secret of their collaborations with Burmese Drug Lord Low Shing Han's syndicate:'s_Blood_Money.pdf

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew regime hang small time drug paddlers for tiny amount of smugglings, essentially this put them on a falsehood of high morality against drug crimes and stage a strict law and order profile, to make belive that they are high moral and law enforcement authority. This is the worst of hypocracy because the regime collaborated deeply with Burmese drug lord, and the corrupted Burmese military junta regime and invested Rep of Singapores' state funds into investment in Burmese in connection with the druglord's blood money.

Lee Kuan Yew regime allows drug lord and his wanted son to move freely in and out of Singapore, as well as establish false frontal business to handle blood money from the Loh/Law family of criminal syndicate. This suggest strongly that money laundering take place in Singapore's banking system.

The Loh/Law family controls deep water port in Yangon Burma, in connection with the military regime there. Lee Kuan Yew regime also claimed to have invested in port of Burma. You can suspect that if drug lord could move freely in and out of Singapore, and have such close relation with Lee Kuan Yew regime, then his drug shipments via Singapore's PSA port wouldn't have much problem.

Loh Shing Han's son Steven Law married a Singaporean woman and lives in Singapore, as well as operate a deluxe office for his family business in Singapore. Singapore diplomat attended his wedding. Steven Law had been prevented to enter USA by US govt due to his illegal drug business.

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